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How do I hide or remove a course in the catalog?

In order to remove a course from your Portal catalog you will to access the Studio area by clicking in the Studio link in the top right corner of the admin dashboard:

From there, select the course you would like to remove and click on Settings -> Advanced Settings:

Scroll down until you see the option Course Visibility In Catalog:

and change its value to "none". A button labeled Save Changes will appear from the bottom of your screen. Click it to save the change:

Now the course will not be visible to students in the catalog anymore. To make the course available again, just revert the change.

Some important things to keep in mind:
  • Portal administrators will still be able to see the course, but students will not.
  • The course will also be removed from any Learning Path that it belongs to.
  • Students that are currently enrolled in the course will still have access to the course via their dashboard. If this is not desirable you can manually unenroll them (see "How do I manually enroll/unenroll a student from a course?" for more details) .
  • The course will be shown as not installed in the Admin dashboard. Installing it will make it visible again.

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