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Getting started with Open edX trial

Welcome to your private Open edX instance!

Now, you will be able to try creating and publishing your own courses using Open edX. This article will give you a few hints on where to start and how to access the learning management systems (LMS), Open edX Studio and the Kubernetes dashboard on IBM Cloud.
  • How to access the LMS

The LMS is the web-based tool which gives you and your learners access to the the courses you have created. The link to access it is in the email you received when your deployment was completed.

In the email you will also find a link to set your password. This is the first thing you need to do and you do it by clicking in the link in the email or clicking in the Sign in button on the top right and then going to Forgot password?.

  • How to access Studio

Studio Is the Open edX tool you use to build your courses. It is accessible through https://studio-LMS_LINK and you need to replace LMS_LINK with the LMS link provided in the email after https://. 

For example, if the LMS link in your email is, then your studio URL would be

  • How to create a course on Studio

You can create and publish your own courses from Studio by singing into Studio. For more information, read the following instructions provided by Open edX (

  • How to access Kubernetes dashboard on IBM Cloud

  1. Log into IBM Cloud.
  2. Under Resource summary, click Kubernetes Clusters.
  3. Under Kubernetes Clusters, click mycluster.
  4. Click Kubernetes Dashboard.

  • How to customize themes for an Open edX Site

Currently, the team is working on to provide an easy way to set up custom themes. Stay tuned!

For more information, check the official Open edX documentation or our knowledge base

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