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How do I create a course on Studio?

Every Skills Network portal comes with a complete Course Management System (CMS) called Studio. Studio allows you to create new courses specifically for your portal. These courses will go directly in your portal catalog and are not going to be available to any other portal on the Skills Network.

Note: if you would like to create courses for distribution through the entire Skills Network and not only for your portal, please visit Skills Network Faculty site and sign up as a Skills Network author.

Create a course for your portal in Studio

NOTE: To create a course for your portal you have to have sufficient permissions that go beyond portal managers and faculty. To request access to Studio, please open a support ticket.

Once you are logged in to your portal management console, navigate to Courses>Create/Edit Course left navigation menu. You will get a page with instructions. Please, pay close attention to the contents of this page as it will have the most up to date and most detailed instructions to help you get started. Once you are ready, you can click on button to go to Studio, the Course Management System for your portal.

Working in Studio

This is a step by step guide to help you create your own course on your Studio site.
  1. If you have proper authority, you should see button at top right. Click this button to start creating your new course.
  2. Enter Course Name, Organization, Course Number, and Course Run.
  3. Click button.

You can click at your course name to create a course. 

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