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How do I add a PDF to a course in Studio?

PDFs are a useful way to present information in our courses. This article will walk through the process of embedding a PDF in a specific course.

To start, we go to a specific course on Studio and go to the Advanced Settings page:

On the Advanced Settings page we need to enable the "pdf" module for the course. We can add the PDF module like in the image below:

Now we save the changes:

After saving we can go back to the course outline:

In the outline we then go to the module where we want to add a PDF:

To add a PDF we can click the "Advanced" button under the "Add New Component and select PDF:

Once we have added the PDF module, we will see the empty PDF module. To add the PDF, we click on edit:

You can then enter a URL pointing to your pdf. Note: the URL must start with https otherwise the PDF won't work.

After saving, you will see your PDF available in the course:

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