How to enable course certificates

If a course displays the error below when trying to view certificates then this article will enable them and get rid of this error.

Note: use the course over view tab https://courses.<site>/admin/course_overviews/courseoverview/  (
This page will allow you to see the course name that needs to be used.
If you dont have access to the link above please open a ticket and contact us at the Skillsnetwork team. 

1. Navigate to: https://courses.<site>/admin/course_modes/coursemode/ and the courses which are causing the issue would have their mode set to something other than honor (default is audit).

2. Go into each course that you would like to have certificates for (by clicking its ID) and using the "Menu" option's drop down menu choose "honor" and then save.

 3. Now go back to ["Home" by clicking Home right underneath "Django administration", and find "Course Enrollments" under the students section] (-> or follow this format .  courses.<site>/admin/student/courseenrollment/)
Similarly, to what was done before with changing the modes from audit to honor, it needs to be done again here.

Once everything is changed to honor mode go back to studio and check to see if the certificates are available for the courses that had trouble from before.

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