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Changing names on generated Certificates

Note: This is a feature that "superusers" in the portal admin team can use. If you are a portal admin and are unable to access the "Django Administration" site, create a ticket to the Skills Network team through your portal ticketing system.

If a certificate has been issued but the name on the certificate is incorrect these steps will allow you to change the name shown.
For example, I wanted my name to be "Admin", right now it is "Tester".

1. Navigate to:      courses.<site slug>
2. Find and go into the Users tab

3. Search for your user in the search bar using their email address (or username), once found click on their username to go into their profile.

4. Scroll down to the User Profile section and change the "Name" field there. (Ex. changing Tester -> Admin) and then click save in the bottom right of the page.

5. Once saved go back to the certificate and its name should be changed. 

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